In A Word

It’s hard to have nostalgia for words that didn’t exist before yesterday. For instance, why does the word ‘blog’ sound so ugly to me and the word ‘agog’ sound the very opposite? Is it because blog sounds aggressive and agog exciting and open, or is just that I’m used to the meaning of ‘agog’ but not to the meaning of ‘blog’? ‘Next’ isn’t so beautiful, it sounds as if you’re cutting your teeth on the words you utter, but lovely words like ‘essay’ and ‘mellifluous’ when spoken are caressed and passed on tenderly to the hearer, not spat out like a bullet. Yet ‘blaggard’ and ‘bluster’ are in a way phonetically related to ‘blog’, yet I don’t find them difficult. Is it only because I know what they mean and therefore should I learn what ‘blog’ means? I’ve looked it up. According to, it means ‘a web site containing the writer’s experience, observations, opinions etc.’ Now I know I might get used to it. Happy blog!