‘A Classic Christmas’ – Solo Performance with John Cairney

This seasonal entertainment features actor, John Cairney. Christmas is the last idyll left to us in a hectic world and we all have a Santa Claus somewhere in our childhood. During the twelve days of Christmas we can return to times past and remember when the world was young and so were we. No one understood this more than Charles Dickens, the great Victorian novelist, and nowhere is this Christmas magic better exemplified than in his own A Christmas Carol.

This is followed by a touching account by Dylan Thomas of A Child's Christmas in Wales and the night concludes with carol singing by the audience. This Yuletide show evokes all the cosy warmth and sparkling humour of the kind of Christmas we all want to celebrate, where the audience feels again all the excitement and anticipation of their own childhood Christmas-time.

After an excellent meal, the audience sits back to enjoy the actor’s rendering of the memorable words of two of the greatest writers on the Christmas scene. In addition they have the opportunity to sing all the well-known Christmas Carols, culminating in a boisterous rendering of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ as a grand finale. As Tiny Tim observed, ‘God Bless us, Every one!’